Bobby Reisz, MSE, ATC, CSCS, LMT



Agility Ladder

Make sure you transition into the ladder with all of these drills

Put cone 5 yards before ladder and 5 yards after ladder

1. 2 feet hop every hole

2. Right foot hop every hole

3. Left foot hop every hole

4. Staggered hop every hole

5. Hop scotch (2 feet in 2 feet out)

6. 2 feet hop (skip one hole)

7. 1 foot hop (skip one hole)

8. Skip through

9. Side shuffle with two feet in each hole

10. Side shuffle with cross over in front

11. Icky Shuffle with a pause

12. Icky shuffle

13. Icky shuffle with extra step

14. Sideways scissors kick

15. Ali Shuffle both ways

16. Front step, side step at same time

17. In, In, Out, Out