Bobby Reisz, MSE, ATC, CSCS, LMT



Rotator Cuff Exercises




Complete exercises in specific order

Each exercise is done for 30 seconds continuously

No rest between each exercise

Quality of exercise is more important than quantity

Begin using 2 lb. Weights progressing to 5 lb. Weights after 3 successful workouts.  Do not exceed 5 lbs.




1. Straight shrugs (pinch shoulders to ears)

2. Lateral raises (palms down—only 90 degrees)

3. Front raises (palms down—only 90 degrees)

4. Front roll shrugs (pinch backwards, then roll to the top and backwards)

5. Diagonal raises (thumbs down—only to 90 degrees)

6. Backward roll shrugs (pinch forward, then roll to the top and backwards)

7. Lateral rotation raises (thumbs down rotated to thumbs up at the top)

8. Cross chest raises (bent elbows-touch opposite shoulder)

9. Internal-external rotation (elbows to side—swing arm and weight parallel to floor)

10. Horizontal standing flys I (palms down)

11. Horizontal standing flys II (palms down meet palms up)

12. Horizontal sanding flys III (palms up meet palms down)

13. Side Pull Up (thumbs to body—bring to arm pit)

14. Bent over rows (bring dumbbell to chest)

15. Side Pull Up Presses (same as #13 plus shoulder press)

16. Standing Over Head Lateral Press (dumbbells meet over head and between legs)

17. Triceps Presses (keep elbows tight to ears)

18. Biceps curls (keep elbows tight)