Host Family Program

Thank you for your interest in housing a Peak Prospects baseball player (or two).  The collegiate summer M.I.N.K league season runs from the last week of May through the last week in July. Your responsibility as a host family is to give them basic room & board.   Player/s will have a busy schedule with training as well as home & away games. Some players will also pick up part time jobs throughout the summer which will occupy their time.

Each athlete must sign a letter of conduct that imposes restrictions on curfew & behavior. The players are guests in your home and as such can be expected to carry normal responsibilities of others living in the house.  This can include cleaning up after themselves, doing laundry, taking out the trash, etc.  Each athlete will provide their own transportation.  In the rare case where they do not have their own transportation, a fellow teammate or the coaching staff will take care of transporting them as necessary.

Given the age and environment, we ask the Host families to abide by some simply, but important rules with regards to drinking.  The Peak Prospects players are representing the team, themselves, their colleges, and our community.  There is a strong expectation that they conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the standard we have set. We have a responsibility to them, their parents and others, so we ask everyone to take this responsibility appropriately.

The head coach, additional coaching staff, and General Manager Eric Evans live locally and can be contacted 24×7 for questions or issues.  Relevant contact information will be provided closer to the season. Keep in mind, these are good kids trying to better their baseball skills and building on opportunities at the next level, but in the end, they are still kids.

This is a very, very good opportunity for our community.  The Peak Prospects Baseball Club and many others have already made their commitment to making this successful.  Now, we need your help in finding places for these future star athletes to stay during the short, 2 month season.  It doesn’t matter if you already have kids at home or not, only that you have a spare bedroom or two! Reach out to Bob Reisz at if you have interest in becoming a host family for the summer.

Peak Prospects host family supporting their boys at a game!
Peak Prospects from Illinois, Texas and New Zealand having a great time with their “sisters” for the summer!
Peak Prospects from New York and Washington supporting their “lil sis” for the summer at her softball tournament!
Peak Prospects from Mississippi enjoying family time and having 2 “brothers” for the summer who love the game as much as they do!
Peak Prospects from California and Tennessee enjoying having little sisters for the summer!
Peak Prospects from Texas and Nebraska getting in on some spike ball action!
Peak Prospects host family supporting their players from Canada this summer!