5 Ways to Get Faster in Sports

  Most sports involve speed and agility.  Athletes need to be fast and quick.  Here are five ways on how to get faster. 1.  Cheek to Pocket:  Proper running technique is an important part of getting faster, which includes the arms.  The arms should be bent at 90 degrees with the hands and shoulders relaxed.  […]

How to Lower Fat in your Diet Easily

FAT-HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?   How much fat should you eat? To answer that question, you’ll need to consider your health profile as well as you training.  Follow this chart: My family members have heart disease and/or I have high blood cholesterol. YES NO Your Category: low fat Diet See the chart on the […]

How Protein during Exercise Increases Performance

Protein Intake During Exercise   Many coaches, athletes and trainers recognize the importance of protein for posy-exercise recovery and as part of a well-balanced diet to support muscle mass.  However, little thought is usually given to protein intake during exercise.  When it comes to exercise nutrition, carbohydrates dominate, and for good scientific reason.  While carbohydrates […]

How to alleviate common sports pains and injuries

What Are Tendinitis, Bursitis, and Impingement Syndrome of the Shoulder? Tendinitis, Bursitis and Impingement Syndrome are closely related and may appear alone or together. If the rotator cuff and bursa are irritated, inflamed, and swollen, they may become squeezed between the head of the humerus and the acromion and cause pain. Over many years, repeated […]

High School Groups

Do you have a High School team that wants to practice with me or one of my professional instructors?  We have programs that involve a series of workouts that will get your team ready for the field in no time!  Click Here to sign up now!

Professional Athletes

Bobby Reisz has traveled to Russia several times and other European countries to assist athletes every year for the last 10 years in the areas of wellness and sports medicine.    

Weight Loss

Bobby Reisz grew up an athlete and exercise has always been an important part of his life. In September of 2007 he dislocated his ankle while running and quickly found out that his eating habits needed to change due to lack of exercise. He understands full well what an injury can do to your overall […]