5 Ways to Get Faster in Sports


Most sports involve speed and agility.  Athletes need to be fast and quick.  Here are five ways on how to get faster.

1.  Cheek to Pocket:  Proper running technique is an important part of getting faster, which includes the arms.  The arms should be bent at 90 degrees with the hands and shoulders relaxed.  The hands should go from pocket to cheek while remaining at a 90-degree angle.  The arms should go forward with the opposite legs.

2.  Arms Parallel:  Along with the arms at 90 degrees, they should be parallel to the body and with each other.  The arms should stay along the sides and should not cross in front.

3. Core Strength: Having a strong core can increase your speed.  Core strength provides the body with stability and explosiveness, two important aspects with getting faster.  It also allows the body to breath more efficiently.

4.  Relaxed body: Relaxing the body while running and moving removes tension.  If the body isn’t relaxed, the muscles contract making it harder to move, which makes you slower.  By relaxing, the muscles are able to move easier which results in faster movements.

5. Skips: Skipping will increase your speed.  It focuses on proper technique in running and explosiveness. 

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